The Best Synthetic Urine On The Market Today

Not everyone is familiar with the benefits of using fake urine. Are you one of them? Over the years, I have used fake urine to pass a lot of drug tests. With the numerous ways on how to test negative for marijuana use, fake urine is the best ‘remedy’. Never risk your future by leaving it to fate. Despite marijuana being legalized in most states, there are some companies and organizations that still test their employees for marijuana use on a regular basis. If you have got an upcoming marijuana drug test, this article will help you test negative by showing you the best synthetic urine.

Before We get to The Specifics, There is Something You Need to Know about Marijuana Drug Tests

The reason why most organizations prefer urine tests for marijuana is that a urinalysis can identify cannabis use for the past 12 weeks. Remember, you will always be notified for an upcoming drug test a week or two prior. This period is insufficient for you to detox yourself and it’s why I strongly recommend you use fake pee.

What is The Highest Recommended Synthetic Urine?

After a lot of research and experimentation, I would recommend Quick Luck. When choosing a fake urine product you need to be extremely careful. Quick Luck fake urine is a product from Clear Choice which is a leading brand in the world of synthetic urine. They have been around for more than a decade. They, therefore, have the experience when it comes to the formulation of fake pee.

Quick Luck boasts of a superior formula that can imitate real urine. It contains 11 chemical compounds that are found in real pee. Currently, lab technicians have discovered that a lot of people are cheating drug tests and it’s why they upped their game. As of today, urine samples before being tested, the uric acid, urea and PH levels are checked to determine if it’s real. You need not to worry about this since Quick Luck is uniquely formulated to mimic real human pee.

The urine kit also comes with a heating pad that helps raise and retain the temperature of the urine to that of the average body temperature for 8 hours. As a result, Quick Luck is totally undetectable.

Still not convinced that Quick Luck is the ideal fake urine? Then you need to read client reviews regarding this product. 85% of those who have used this product have agreed that it does work. The remaining 15% that claim it didn’t work was mostly because they didn’t follow the instructions given.

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine?

Now that you are familiar with Quick Luck, how do you get your hands on some? It’s super simple, all you have to do is order it from the manufacturer or a reputable dealer. You need to be very concise when buying synthetic urine. Yes, you might need it urgently. But, buying synthetic urine from any dealer, the chances of you getting a counterfeit product are quite high. If you do use a counterfeit, then you are likely to fail for that upcoming drug test.

Quick Luck fake urine can be ordered online from and have it shipped directly to your home. You can then use it confidently knowing that you will test negative for marijuana use.

Pro Tips On How To Pass A Drug Test with Quick Luck Fake Urine

As much as Quick Luck fake urine can help you pass that marijuana drug test, you have a significant role to play on that day. First, you must follow all the instructions provided alongside the Quick Luck fake urine kit. The solution usually comes in a pre-mixed form. Only break the seal on the day of the test to avoid contaminating it.

Additionally, don’t forget about the temperature aspect. It should range in between 94°F and 100°F. The heating pads found in the Quick Luck fake urine kit can help keep it warm for 8 to 10 hours. You should also know how to sneak in the Quick Luck synthetic urine into the testing area. In some instances, you will be observed whereas others you will just be asked to bring a sample.

If you are under supervision, then you should hide the fake urine somewhere discreet, preferably between the thighs and the torso. Wear tight clothing that will help hold the fake urine in place. Because, if you are under observation then you won’t be allowed into the bathroom with a wallet or purse. Ensure you don’t appear suspicious.

If you are worried about the upcoming drug test, know that Quick Luck fake urine has got you covered. It has all the elements of fake urine, and with it, you can be assured of passing a drug test. Don’t risk losing your job, promotion or interview because of failing a marijuana drug test, yet there is something you can do about it.