The Consequences When You Fail A Drug Test

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Hey guys, hope everyone’s doing great out there. Today we’re talking about what happens when you fail a drug test. So, this is not good. To be frank and to be upfront with you guys, when you fail a drug test there’s a couple different things that can happen, and it’s more than just lose your job, or not get the job, or not be taken in consideration after the interview.

So, for a truck driver, truck drivers have to have a CDL and they have to pass, I believe, it’s called a DOT drug test. So, what happens is you have to be tested for that, and if you fail that test, or there’s some sort of complication you can’t be considered a pass, they can actually revoke your license. So, they can take away your license and you can’t drive ever again. So, for a truck driver this is a huge deal, because it’s their livelihood. I’ve had a friend who’s gone to take the DOT test and he’s failed and it wasn’t good for him.

There’s other complications that happen, especially if you need something to do your job and you fail a drug test and that’s taken away from you, it can result in all sorts of bad things. Take it seriously. Take the drug test seriously. Make sure that you’re staying up with all the latest information on synthetic urines and detox kits and all that type of stuff. Go ahead and click the link in the description below and check out our kits for helping you pass a drug test. There’s a lot of resources out there. Just make sure that you’re doing your due diligence before any of these tests.

Thanks for watching, guys, I appreciate it. I’ll take to you soon and, as always, test negative.