How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test – Saliva Tests

Last Updated: December, 2018

Passing a saliva drug test is easy. It just depends on what you are using, and where you are getting it from. Lucky for you, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. What you need is as easy to use as chewing a stick of gum.

I have been in situations where saliva drug tests are ambushed on folks at the office to know how to pass a saliva drug test better. You have to be prepared at all times, and with a quick solution. Sometimes the preparation window is usually so small, you have to be smart. I have sampled a few products and none beats the detox gum called Oral Clear from TestNegative.

There is this time I used this gum to pass a swab test at work. I woke up feeling groggy that morning, with the knowledge that we were doing a saliva test that day. I still went ahead and took a dose of my usual stuff. I brushed as usual and then popped the gum in my mouth so I could chew it in the morning. I got to the office like nothing happened and took my test an hour ago. The results were squeaky clean.

And there you have it… This saliva detox gum is what I used to pass my swab drug test and will work for you too. The gum is packaged in a tiny tube that you can conveniently keep in your office drawer or in your pocket. I would even advise you to keep it within a short distance of you because drug tests can be like a thief; you never know the time or hour that management will ambush you.

As a chronic drug user, I like taking care of that side of my stuff because I love my job. I do a lot of research to keep up with what’s new on the market about how to pass a saliva drug test. So I get on this website at and I am all ecstatic because they have like all kinds of solutions to passing drug tests!

Be aware that the internet has so much information that if you are not careful, you can easily get dubbed. I highly recommend getting your detox gum here because this company is among the few that know what they are doing. I can confidently get my high and when I can’t avoid it, knowing that the company that makes the gum has my back. What’s even better is that they ship their orders as soon as you make one.

I’ve also found a coupon code for the online store in case you were looking to save a few bucks while getting it. It will take you to the store and give you free shipping when you check out. (Update: No coupons are available at this time but they often run promotions. Click the button below to see if they are running a promotion)


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