Passing A Urine Test In The Military

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What’s up guys, today I’m going to riff on how to pass a military urinalysis. The military will do random drug testing on a pretty consistent basis. They’re pretty rigorous with how they do this, usually it’s random. A lot of times they say it’s random but they’re actually picking people who they think actually have been using drugs, and that type of thing. You’ve always got to be prepared for a urinalysis if you’re using substances in the military.

The best way I recommend to do this is to abstain, so the best way to pass is to not use, and to be completely free and clear of substances. If you maybe ran into an issue, or you had to use substances and you have to take a drug test, well you’re going to have to be prepared. There’s a couple of different ways that you could do this. If you’re not a consistent user you can use what’s called the 3 Day Detox from Testclear. There’s a link in the description to a page that has a link to these detox kits.

There’s also a 10 day detox kit, which is great because if you’re in the military you might have more than one drug test. You can use three days out of it if you’re not a consistent user, and then use three more days, and three more days, and you have that whole kit for a drug test that happens three times. If you’re in the reserves and you’ve got drill coming up it’s really easy to know when you’re going to get drug tested then, so perfectly do that. It’s a detox so in order from priority, number one is to abstain. Number two is to get these detox kits that you can pee clean, and my third and final solution would be to use synthetic urine.

This is a little bit harder because a lot of times they will watch you, they will observe you. Another great solution is the Monkey Dong synthetic urine kit. What it does is you can attach the synthetic urine to your body, and then what it provides you with is basically fake genitalia for your observed urine test. What you do is you whip it out, you squeeze the bag or the apparatus so that you can urinate the synthetic urine instead of your own. It looks like it’s coming out of you because you can see the genitalia.

So, that’s another risky one. If you get caught with that you might get in a little bit of trouble, but that is the last resort if you want to pass a military urinalysis or a military drug test. That’s my advice on those drug tests. Of course, click the link in the description to get more information on these products and more information on this video. And as always, test negative. Thanks guys.