The Best Hair Follicle Drug Test Shampoo

Getting a hair follicle drug test and need to pass with flying colors? Flushing out those damning toxins will be difficult. You need to be 100% sure you’re actually going to pass, or else you’ll suffer the consequences.

Is there a surefire way to pass the toughest drug test there is?

Hair Drug Test – The Top Detoxification Shampoos

Hair follicle drug tests are gaining ground over standard urine and blood tests for several reasons:

One, it’s harder to pass a hair test if you’re a drug user. Two, it’s easier to cheat a urine or blood test using many methods, and three, hair samples can be taken anytime without delay or privacy issues.

You’re probably reading this because there’s an upcoming hair drug test in your company, in your sports league or the military. You need that job, promotion, senior role, and it’s absolutely imperative that you pass.

Your whole life is depending on passing the test. There’s no margin for failure.

How Can I Pass A Hair Test?

A hair drug test may be deemed infallible, but in reality there are several ways on how you can face this problem.

Can I Shave Hair Off My Head? There’s no sample to collect if there’s literally no hair, right? Wrong- lab technicians can simply pluck out hair from other parts of your body. What if you do a whole body wax and leave no strand behind? Then you’ll have to explain why you suddenly shaved “evidence” just days before the actual test. They can fail you for avoidance and you’ll just get into more trouble later on.

Can I Abstain For 110 Days? Who knew that abstinence still works best? Not using for a hundred plus days naturally eliminates traces of toxins in the hair. The only problem is, no company, sports league or organization gives out drug test notices a hundred days in advance.

Can I Try To DIY? You can try manually removing traces of drugs, such as THC off your hair by using a proven hair-cleaning regimen. There are currently 2 methods (the Macujo and the Jerry G) that lots of people swear by. Here’s a closer look at what each one does.

The Jerry G method is bleaching and dyeing your hair twice over. The first bleach and dye are when you stop using. Have your hair bleached using peroxide (or have a hairdresser teach you), then simply follow dyeing instructions on the box. The second bleach/dye process should be done ten days after.

The Macujo, or Growman method is using salicylic acid shampoo, vinegar, an Aloe Rid shampoo that contains propylene glycol and laundry detergent to do a deep hair cleansing.

How About Doing A Hair Detox? Last but not the least, there’s a very simple method on how you can pass a hair follicle drug test- using a detox shampoo that washes out the toxins in your hair.

You Can Pass A Hair Test Easily

It’s as simple as finding the right detox shampoo that works for you. I’ve taken the liberty of showing you what exactly I used to beat the testing blues. Here are the 3 best-rated detox shampoos for passing a hair drug test.

Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo – Our #1 Pick

A favorite among drug users because it works time and again over the years. Make sure you get the old formula (which is the Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo) to get the best results.

Once you get the notice, immediately start using the detox shampoo. Aim for 15 times total usage before the test. If necessary, take 3 or 4 showers a day just to make the count. Make sure to lather your hair with a generous amount and let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes.

You can buy Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo on, the only site that still carries the old formula. Granted, there’s limited supply and the product is expensive, but wouldn’t you rather keep your job, get a promotion or stay in the sports league?

>>Check Price For The Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo<<

Take heed when buying products online, as there are scammers who won’t think twice about taking your money for nothing. Make sure you get the old formula and not the new one, or else it will not work! I repeat, the new version doesn’t work and it can screw up everything you’ve worked so hard for in your life.

Stick to the original Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo and buy at For this method to work, you’ll need to shampoo using the Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo and the Zydot Ultra Clean on testing day.

Zydot Ultra Clean

The Zydot system is made up of a conditioner, a purifier and a shampoo. The shampoo opens the hair, the purifier eliminates the toxin and the conditioner seals it back again.

People say that Zydot didn’t work for them, but here’s the thing. In order for a detox product to work you’ll need to use it the right way. The Ultra Clean shampoo should be one of the components used in the Macujo method. It may be used as a last resort for the Jerry G method as well on the day of the testing.

Zydot Ultra Clean works within a 24-hour time frame and offers a money back guarantee for it.

Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo

The detox product from Clear Choice may be used if you can’t afford Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo.

You get a shampoo and a purifier packet for eliminating residual toxins in your hair. Keep in mind that the window of effectivity for this product is maximum 8 hours.

>>Check Price for The Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo<<

Clear Choice offers a 200 percent money back guarantee, along with a claim that it’s 99.9 percent effective within the specified time frame. This is the last resort if you can’t get Aloe Rid and Zydot Ultra Clean.

Why These Detox Shampoos Work

A hair follicle detox shampoo works by doing two things- first, it opens up the outermost hair strand layer known as the hair cuticle, leaving the cortex exposed. Then, the ingredients remove the toxins located within the cortex layer and into the shaft itself. By the time you’ve rinsed all drug traces will have been eliminated, and you’ll be passing the hair drug test perfectly.

These 3 detox shampoo products are the best out there. They do the job without destroying your precious hair, and your life! Make sure to buy only these detox shampoos from reputable sellers.

Good luck!

It doesn’t take much to pass a hair follicle test if you know how to use the right tools. What is recommended is the Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo. This is the one that always works and has worked for years. Don’t take the chance on a newer product and stick to what gets the job done.

Jeff Arnold
Jeff is a long time stoner and advocate of marijuana legalization. He has been around the block when it comes to this substance and knows how to pass drug tests. He's been pulled all the tricks when taking a urinalysis and wants to help others pass with flying colors.

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Jeff Arnold

Jeff is a long time stoner and advocate of marijuana legalization. He has been around the block when it comes to this substance and knows how to pass drug tests. He's been pulled all the tricks when taking a urinalysis and wants to help others pass with flying colors.

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