Detoxify in the Same Day As Your Drug Test

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What’s up everyone, welcome to this video. I just [inaudible 00:00:05] we’ve got a picture of a couple detox products, synthetic urine, and time. Time with a clock representing the amount of time that you have to take a drug trust. It may be on the same day, it may be in one or two days, and I’m just gonna give you the best solution that we have found in order to make sure that you’re completely detoxified or that you have all the equipment ready for you in order to pass a drug test.

So, whether is for a job or for just a random drug test for the military, or career, or probation or any of that type of stuff, check your local laws when it comes to all of these products. But, if you want a solution for this, passing any drug test, you wanna take a look at a couple of these different products. The number one solution that we have for a same day drug test is to get synthetic urine as quickly as possible. The way that you can do that is check out the link below, there’s a company called Clear Choice, and then they’re sold from

I’ll give you a link in the description below to get yourself a coupon, and to get you directly to the page where you can get yourself some Clear Choice sub solutions synthetic urine. That’s the quickest and easiest way to pass a drug test, it’s super simple. They send you this package that has everything you need to mix up the synthetic urine, they give you a heating pad so that you can make sure that this temperature is correct. Just follow the instructions on the package, and they have a 200% money back guarantee, or a 200% guarantee as stated on their packaging and on their box.

That is the number one solution that we recommend to pass that urine drug test. So, if you’re taking a drug test on the same day, always keep it on hand. If not, order it, and it comes in the mail really quickly. Pay extra for shipping and so that you can pass that drug test the exact same day.

So, the reason we also recommend that is because we’ve done tests and compared it to other synthetic urines. We’ve tested a whole lot of synthetic urine out there, and we found that this one has passed 100% of the time. We know that it holds temperature the exact same way that normal synthetic urine does, and that the pH is balanced easier and holds for a longer period of time, so that’s what we recommend.

If you want to do a detox for a same day drug test, we’re gonna get into that here real quick. First thing I wanna say about the same day detox is that it’s hard to do if you’re a super heavy user. It’s gonna be hard to do because you’ve been building up all those THC in your fat cells, and it’s going to be difficult to not be able to detect that during a drug test. But if you are a moderate user or you don’t smoke as much as most people, QCarbo32 is a great solution for that. Check out the link in the description below, we have a link to it there.

You can get it for a pretty good price, and it also comes with the herbal pre cleanse formula that is excellent for an assist in the detox. That comes free with it. So, if you’re a moderate user, check out that QCarbo32, it’s real easy, just follow the instructions on the bottle like they say. It also comes with a $15 manufacturer’s rebate, after you use it you can send that in and get some money off, if you’re looking to save a little cash there. The reason this is really great is because it has all the perfect ingredients to detox [inaudible 00:03:59] as quickly as possible. It’s a one step, and that’s your best bet if you’re gonna take a drug test on the same day.

Now, if you’re a super chronic user, and if you’re an out of the normal, smoking every day all day for the past six months or something like that, what we recommend then is the Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox. We’ll shoot a link in the description below as well, but if you really wanna completely detox your body of THC for the same day drug test, we recommend that Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox, because that’s what’s gonna get everything out of your system. Of course, yes, you do have to stop smoking, or stop taking whatever substance that you use, but you’ll be completely clean for a drug test.

So, if you’re taking a drug test on the same day, in about 24 hours, this is what we recommend. Thank you guys for watching, if you have questions leave a comment below, and, as always, test negative.